Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Four down...

Word count: 62,911
Assignments marked: 4
Sore hands: 2
Sore eyes: 2

Am officially tired now and everything aches. Long day at work, followed by marking. I was fretting a bit that I wouldn't get it all done by the deadline - but then I remembered that some students needed to ask for extra time, which then gives me a couple more days to spread out the marking...

I'm also trying to surge ahead on the book, ideally up to 70-75,000 by the end of the month, though that may be too ambitious. Wrote a fun scene today between the main character and her doctor. My progress tonight has also been helped by the telly going on the blink, seems like there's no signal between the TV and the aerial, out of the blue. Either the cat or maybe the cleaner knocked something, as it was working fine this morning. Not a big issue tonight - but tomorrow's the final of The Apprentice. Eeek. Let's hope it spontaneously re-connects by then. Who would I trust of the two girls to get the telly fixed? Ruth. Who do I think Alan Sugar will choose? Michelle. What do you reckon?

Lovely Link of the Day:
Oh I do love Wikipedia. I know most people know it's there but, provided you cross-reference anything contentious, it is so fab. Tonight I've been looking up people with diseases named after them!


Blogger diane s said...

yes, your analysis of The Apprentice is spot-on, although i guess it depends on this final task. Ruth is better when she doesn't talk so much, but suspect she'll fight for her life LOL! She's a hard worker though- remember Michelle in the Topshop task, drinking champers?!

ah, I'm going to miss it!

Good luck with your continued writing/working/marking... xx

1:23 pm  
Blogger Alias Lucy Diamond said...

Kate, I am sooo with you re The Apprentice. The Badger has to win!

Brown Owl looks fantastic - I have seen it in lots of Brighton bookshops. Well done

Best of British with the rest of that marking. (Do hope you've written at least one 'SEE ME' in red ink, just for old time's sakes... or am I the only one who used to get that on my school books?!)

Sue x

7:47 pm  

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