Monday, May 22, 2006

Foreign Bodies

Word Count: 74,016
Late assignments essays still to be marked: 3

Oh, I’m cracking on with the WIP. Wipping along, you might say. Unusually for me I am not hitting middle-book dread, which usually affects me from about 40,000 words to 120,000 words. I’d like to think this is a positive sign, though a tiny bit of me wonders if it’s just that I’ve gone a bit crazy and now believe my every sentence is perfect when in fact it’s nonsensical.

What also usually happens around this time is that new ideas begin to pop into my mind. I love this time, when every idea is a potential best-seller and grows before my very eyes…I really am quite poor at judging the relative merits of new ideas, which means it’s lucky having an editor and agent who are very savvy indeed.

The foreign body in the title of today’s entry is not some irresistible Greek window cleaner, but a fragment of soft contact lens that got lost in my eye. At least I know now that it’s impossible for them to disappear into my brain, but even so…my eye has gone all icky and I have tried EVERYTHING to get it out. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Lovely Link of the Day

The poetry section of the OU writing course has just begun, and tutor Bill Greenwell has some brilliant resources on his website. I’m quite new to poetry myself (as a writer – I’ve always read it) and I am finding the course materials are making my prose go a bit lyrical (though clearly not my blog-writing, if I am coming up with clunky sentences like that one. Rush, rush, hurry, hurry life is to blame).


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