Friday, April 28, 2006

Countdown to P-day. Oh...

Word Count: 57,631 (after lots of editing)

I think I'm about half way through book 4 now, which means I am lagging slightly, given that book 3 is out in 5 days' time...

Well, I say 5 days. Actually a writer friend has just spotted Brown Owl's Guide to Life on sale in Warwickshire, so perhaps it's time to stop counting down, and go for a look myself. Actually, the pleasure of seeing a new book on sale is reduced by seeing The Competition, all those thousands of other titles looking as tempting as yours, if not more so. Even though I adore my jacket, sometimes someone else's typeface seems more tempting, or you get title-envy.

I do love holding the first copy in my hands, but this time round I am being a little more sanguine about racing round the shops, or checking my amazon rating (or, I'm trying to be!). It's just that now, all I can do is hope for the right combination of fairydust and enthusiasm that will help sell the book. Wish me luck, eh?

The day job is very busy too, despite the fact that I have less than two months before I leave. Now I'm getting rather nostalgic about the canteen, going for coffee, bumping into colleagues in corridors, even the smell of festering rats and the dodgy lifts.

It's been a busy week on the publishing news front, too, and I have been fascinated by the coverage of the whole Opal Mehta saga, where Kaavya Viswanathan, 19-year-old author of a sassu high school chick lit book (she was paid $500,000 for her first book) has been accused of plagiarism. The best accounts have been on Galleycat.

I've been talking to other authors about the whole topic. I have to say that the similarities here mean it's difficult to believe that there wasn't some conscious ahem 'borrowing' but more generally, we all live in utter fear of accidentally copying a phrase or plotline from a favourite novel or author.

Now we Brits have another long holiday weekend ahead, yippeee. Am planning eating, drinking, reading and no shopping. Oh and maybe one day of very hard work at writing.

Lovely Link of the Day:
This brilliantly detailed account of how the figures do - or don't add up when a book is published should be required reading for all writers. It's by American editor and blogger Anna Louise, but the basic information is relevant to other markets too.


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