Friday, March 17, 2006

Reading matter

Word Count: 38,287

A writing working day at home...and I've finished my edits of the first section, so can despatch it off to my agent again now. My friend is the second person to have read it and she called last night and said she REALLY likes it, which is good news. OK, so she probably wouldn't tell me if she hated it, but she sounded very enthusiastic.

So now it's more marking for the rest of the day (well, the weekend actually), plus writing a feature about my diary writing habits over the years. I began writing my diary when I was 13, but it's been rather neglected over the years which is very frustrating when I read back a few years and can't remember who any of the people are!

The weather is seriously miserable: icy winds, even a few flakes of snow when I was out earlier. I've got some soup on the go for lunch, at least. And I might treat myself later to a few chapters of the Jennifer Weiner novel I am reading, Goodnight Nobody. It really is terrific: witty and smart and engaging and all the other things that women's fiction ought to be. As well as enjoying it, I am taking note of technique points, the ratio of description to dialogue and so on, but not in a way that spoils it. I've read one of hers previously and plan to go through the backlist soon. Maybe also get out the DVD of In Her Shoes which was based on her book. She also has a great blog and a cool section of her website for new writers.

Rant of the day is against hopeless Argos, who promised to deliver some garden furniture within 7 days on the 12 February. Today they were still saying 'oh, we can't quite find it, it'll be next week.' OK, so we won't exactly be sitting out on the balcony in our t-shirts this weekend, but hopefully the sun will get his hat on before too long and one needs to Be Prepared. Boyf has blown 'em out so we shall be seeking folding chairs this weekend.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Anna Louise is a rare beast, an editor who blogs (Miss Snark sent me her way) and she has some terrific posts which aim to demystify publishing. Always worth knowing what the paymasters and paymistresses want!


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