Sunday, March 12, 2006

Double Trouble

Word Count: currently editing on paper so no idea

Busy weekend – lots of house viewings as per usual (I can’t face many more despite my instinctive nosiness) and actually, two I felt the need to make offers on. It’s so crazy at the moment that one place had three offers within two hours of going on the market.

I have tried to forget about this (ie the biggest financial transaction of my life) since then: round to see friends for dinner on Saturday, staying away overnight and back today to get cracking on my OU assignment marking. I’ve done about half a dozen so far, each one takes about an hour, and it’s full-on concentration. I am really impressed at the standard, and also inspired by the variety of approaches and topics. But it’s hard work, no doubt about it.

Might try to have a stab at my own writing tonight a bit later on. Weekend? Relaxation? Ha ha.

Lovely Link of the Day:
An interesting, if slightly highbrow piece on creative inspiration in today’s Observer: I found the contributions at the bottom, about individuals and their techniques, the most interesting bit.


Blogger diane s said...

it's so interesting hearing about the OU from the tutor's perspective having done 2 short courses with them (most recently, Start Writing Fiction, which was great).
Hope you find some time for your own writing! x

12:35 pm  

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