Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Crown Chronicles Part 2: The Waiting Game

Word count: I’m not even going to say.

A busy weekend – went with the boyf to Birmingham for a friend’s 40th birthday party. I was initially not sure I could go as I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the work I’ve got at the moment, but I do have to try to have a life and so we drove up in the afternoon after a couple more house viewings (one gorgeous, but on a busy road, and the other totally inappropriate).

Boyf has never been to Birmingham so I went into show-off mode as I do like the city and what’s been achieved – it’s why I set The Starter Marriage there. We stayed at Malmaison in the Mailbox development – hotel was very swish and though I’d read bad things about service on the tripadvisor website (my bible whenever I’m booking an hotel), they’d obviously sent them all to Charm School as they were all very concerned about my onward journey etc etc. You also get lovely big bottles of shower gel to take away.

My friend gave us a lift out to the party, which was tremendous fun. Two perfect hostesses, birthday girl Alison plus Julie, made sure our glasses were topped up and our plates full, with the consequence that I had hiccups for a good hour.

Up early the next morning, with a hangover, and off to the north to see some relatives I haven’t seen for ages. One is house-bound and the other, her husband, cares for her full-time which means he also struggles to get out and contact the outside world. Am trying to convince them that buying a computer is the way forward, as I honestly believe it would transform their lives. We hear so much about spamming and phishing and all the dodgy emails offering drugs and porn, yet for people like them it could make such a difference. Fingers crossed they’re able to do it.

And now I am preparing myself mentally for my time in The Chair. Thanks for the tips. I will try to regard it as a research experience for future pieces that might involve dentistry. Or something like that.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Once again via Karin Gillespie here are here are Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing. I have, alas, broken most of these in my time, though I think I get better as my experience grows! How about you?


Blogger diane s said...

oh I love Elmore Leonard!

I think he's right about most of these, if not all, but I think the occasional slip is allowed...

He writes the best dialogue, ever, IMO.

12:17 pm  
Anonymous Jacqui Lofthouse said...

How bizarre Kate. I discovered this article today also and printed it for my writing students, but by total coincidence. I think it's great, though agree with Diane, MOST of it is spot on, not all. And now I find it on your site too! Hope you had a lovely time last night, SO sorry I didn't see you. Soon I hope! Jacqui x

9:20 pm  
Blogger Morning-Loves-It said...

Thanks for another great writing link. Hope your teeth problems settle down soon.

8:27 am  

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