Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Crown Chronicles part 1

Word Count: 39,488 (wow, a whole 12 words in five days)

I am now getting cold calls from my dentist. Well, not cold exactly. If I'd known who is was, I wouldn't have answered but I assumed it was just another estate agent ringing with some hopelessly unsuitable house.

Instead it was the dentist warning me that all their prices will double in April and so 'we thought you might like to finish your treatment before then.' This is the crown I was meant to have before Christmas and keep putting off, despite the ache.

I know, I know. It's pathetic. A grown woman with a fear of the dentist. Once I went eight years without going.

Anyhow, the thought of it being painful AND costing double has finally forced me to go next week. Does anyone have any tips for calming yourself beforehand? Rescue Remedy doesn't even touch the sides.

In other news, I've printed off the first (nearly) 40,000 words and am going to do some editing over the weekend. I've been working out some of my supplementary characters' journeys as well. Like Brown Owl's Guide to Life, the new book has two timeframes, present-day plus an early 80s narrative, so I am trying to plot connections and make the transitions smooth and also increase the resonance. I never really used to do this kind of work in this way, but I do think that as I become more sophisticated - or at least, as I want to try new things to keep my own momentum and enthusiasm - it becomes more important to strive to add meaning, without swamping the story or becoming too portentous.

On the leisure front, went out last night with my friend for a curry in central London, but we are so sad that we both actually prefer Sainsbury's Sag Paneer to the restaurant version, which was cold and a bit tasteless. This weekend, me and boyf are hoping to head up north to see some people. Trouble is, snow is forecast so it might be a rather arduous journey. All it takes is four flakes and the British transport infrastructure goes into meltdown.

Lovely Link of the Day:
More than anything else, I associate Martin Amis with teeth, having read Experience in which he goes on at length about his root canal treatment. I bet this is not how most people think of him and only proves my shallowness. Searching for entries on this one I found a horrible piece from the Guardian about British Teeth. Yuk. This is not helpful.

I have also just finished The Lincoln Lawyer. Actually I finished it at 2am today, just after a power cut which made me convinced an attacker had pulled the plug and was about to break in. Not helped by the fact that boyf had gone on big night out. Great book, incredibly tense, even though it's not a genre I usually read.


Blogger Walker said...

Well as regards the dentist I think it helps if you can [try and] relax. If the muscles aren't tight then I think it's less 'uncomfortable' - though it's easier said than done to totally relax when someone is that near to you and poking around in your mouth.

I haven't been to the dentist in a long time either. I'm afraid I believe that they shouldn't be private and that we should still be able to get dental care at a reasonable price on the NHS.

As regards weather - up here in Derbyshire it's snowing and the snow is settling. It depends how far north you're going ....

8:09 pm  
Anonymous Katybean said...

Me again (posted on the last comment yesterday :o) )

I have just finished The Starter Marriage (BTW - it must annoy you slightly that people can read your books in 2-3 days when it takes you ages to write them), and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it :o) I liked Tess's character and although I have not been in that situation myself (touch wood LOL), I did identify with lots sceniaros in the story and made me laugh out loud in places!

I loved also that the book had a neat and tidy ending with no loose ends wondering what happened to the characters!

I can't wait to read your next one!!

Also - I read this as part of a bookring on bookcrossing, so don't know if you want to see what others thought....


8:45 pm  
Blogger diane s said...

well, don't read A Million Little Pieces- the root canal from hell! :0
seriously though, self-hypnosis and EFT (tapping on acupressure points) have helped my anxiety levels a lot. xx

11:10 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Thank you for the tips...will try the heavy breathing as well as Calms tablets! I have read great things about EFT as well so must read up more. I gather you can do it on a basic level yourself. As for James Frey - didn't he admit he made that bit up (along with more or less everything else in the 'memoir.?)

And Katybean, thank you for your comments. I don't mind at all that it takes people only a couple of days to read a book: that suggests it was one you enjoyed, which is all I really care about. Really thrilled you enjoyed the novel and thanks for letting me know!

Kate x

10:41 am  
Blogger diane s said...

yes, he did make that up* I think...didn't make it any less horrifying to read though. would set a phobic person back years I think!

*Not all of the book was made up though...just a bit too much to be acceptable. At least he 's not JT Leroy, who made up himself!

Yes, once you learn EFT you can use it on yourself anytime, anyplace, which makes it v useful. :)

Good luck! xx

12:21 pm  
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