Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crown Chronicles Epilogue

Word Count: 46,763

And so it came to pass that the lab sent the tooth to my dentist and my dentist instructed, 'Open, open, open, open,' (in a rather high-pitched tone, as if I hadn't heard her the first time. She's a little like Jo from The Apprentice which is unsettling). And she cemented it in place.

As expected, it feels like I have piece of white goods the size of an American-style fridge-freezer in my mouth now, but I am also hugely relieved that it's all over - touch wood. Though the yellowy tone she chose from the 'tooth colour chart' has got me thinking that perhaps I should consider whitening treatment.

Actually, it's a bit sticky-outy and I wonder if it really matters whether it's been put slightly in the wrong position? I will probably have this funny foreign object longer than I will own my latest car so no doubt I will get used to it.

I worked out today that I have twelve weeks left at the Beeb. Strange but exciting. I've booked in for all these courses they're providing for people who are leaving, even though none of them sadly cover 'how to make your novel hit number one in ten countries.'

Lovely Link of the Day:
Courtesy, yet again, of Karin at Southern Comfort, this is a very technical guide to scene writing which I found practical if a bit scarily detailed.


Anonymous Marie said...

Thanks for the link on scene writing, Kate. It will no doubt help me with the new novel I'm writing, which seems to be in a bit of a mess at the moment!

All the best,


2:30 pm  

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