Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tea and macadamia nuts

Word count: 26,101

I'm low-carbing again as I have a bit of a winter pot belly going on. So today, when a writer mate came round for tea, I restrained myself while she had one of my favourite diet (but not low-carb) bars of all time, the Svelte chocolate and raspberry, a miraculously good value portion of 99 calorie yumminess.

To reward myself afterwards, I had a massive handful of macadamia nuts which are the best snack in the world. But sadly horrendously high in fat.

We had a good catch-up. She's cracking onto the end of her novel, writing mainly dialogue to keep up the pace, and then filling in description etc later. Interesting plan... certainly, you can clock up the word count - and page count - fast if you write dialogue. I was telling her about my slight heebie-jeebies regarding the Full-time Writer Masterplan. It's something I have been dreaming of for ages, but now I know it's likely to happen this summer, I am wondering a) how I will fill my days without going (macadamia) nuts and b) how it'll change my writing once it's my main source of income. Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to be able to consider this BUT it will be the biggest change in my life since leaving school, so I am trying to prepare myself.

Book is marching on apace, though things always take more words than I thought they would to explain or progress the plot. Am trying extra hard to guard against wordiness this time though.

Right time for some bean soup before round 2 this afternoon.

Lovely link of the day:
This is an interesting article about becoming a full time freelance journalist on the Writing World site, plus another one about writing a business plan. In fact, I am definitely book-marking the entire site: it's not the prettiest I've ever seen but the content is very strong.


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