Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Shortfall

Word Count: 29,328

I'd really hoped to get to 30,000 words by tonight, and it looked in sight, until I had some 'discussions' with boyf about my laptop/novel habit. It's such a juggling act and, in my journey towards catching up, I've been neglecting home life.

So all my fretting about 'how will I fill my days when I write full-time?' seems a little irrelevant as hopefully then I will have more time to do normal stuff. None of this is a moan, not really, just the usual 21st century story of how do you fit in all you want to do... boyf has been suggesting that I should work shorter hours at the day job, especially as I am going to leave, but I still have pride in what I do. Or he thinks I could talk to my publisher about it but a) I don't think I need to panic about the July deadline just yet, I am only pushing myself hard to make the book the best I have written and b) though they are a delight to work with, as an author it's best to stay as low-maintenance and professional as possible. There are always a hundred other writers looking to take your place.

And then I've just watched the end of a Panorama about breast cancer, presented by the ever wonderful Betsan Powys (I love the way this link talks of her being 'on loan from BBC Wales' like a rather good striker), and it put all of the trivia of every day life in perspective.

More lovely links this week, I promise...


Blogger Walker said...

I was 'accused' yesterday of being obsessed with blogging by my Beloved. When I suggested that she was overstating the case she retracted slightly, adding that she was only making a comment .....

I sympathise with you Kate. I have a full time job and during the last four years have written four walks books. Whilst these probably involved nothing like the hard work put in to a 'real' book it's still hard work juggling everything.

7:59 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Beloveds just don't quite get it, do they? The agony and the ecstasy...

Walks books sound exhausting, but at least I'd guess they reduce the risk of that well-known condition, Authors' Spread... far more damaging than Housewives' Knee.

Kate x

10:02 am  
Blogger Walker said...

I still have a certain amount of 'spread' Kate - I guess I would have even more though if I didn't walk.

7:34 pm  

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