Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ploughing the word count furrow

Word Count: 34,612

Bit of a marathon session today as I had deliberately not organised anything extra to do. So me and the cat sat in the spare room, working hard. For me, that entails the act of creativity combined with the act of typing, For the cat, it entails sleep/chasing a random ribbon for 22 seconds until boredom strikes/making pathetic mewing noises to secure more Kitekat/more sleep.

I don't think 3,000 words a day is very sustainable. My legs ache and I feel a bit square-eyed and loony. Poor concierge bloke asked me to move my car as they're taking photos of the apartment block and I responded in zombie-like fashion. 'Ug, in middle of something.' And he'd even brought my amazon parcel up, which contained a DVD to give boyf for Valentine's (not saying what in case he decided to read this for a change), a book I fancy reading though may have to wait as it features a coma and I have just written one, and a game of Othello. I suspect boyf will get the hump about this as he agreed he would play it if I bought it but is convinced I am some demon player, not at all true.

In other news, the survey's been done on the house I am trying to buy and it looks great, very little wrong with it, the odd bit of dodgy woodwork in the window frames, plus some old 'movement'. Have also had lots of environmental searches come through which are very confusing... it's within 250 yards of a flood plain, but then so is half of London, so not much I can do about that.

Tonight we're going to have an evening of admin (oh happy day) and I am going to finish planning my OU teaching for Saturday, and then maybe work on a feature idea. So much for being 'on holiday.'

Lovely Link of the Day:
Writer Beware is a brilliant site designed to name and shame the scammers and vanity publishers who prey on people with little experience in the whole book game. And now there's a blog. Required reading!


Blogger MarkFarley said...

It's good to know that I am not the only one who becomes a zombie to the outside world when they write. xx

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