Monday, February 06, 2006

Not exactly supersonic

Word Count: 30,543

My pace of writing seems to have slowed a little. My best excuse would be that it's because the part of the novel I am writing at the moment requires hands-on research (something I tend to avoid due to the time it takes) and so I am making it up as I go along. Now this is of course entirely normal for any author, but if you're writing about relationships or dull office jobs or whatever, well most of us have experience to draw on. Right now, I am writing about specific medical stuff and will need to find out accurate information. I have that journalistic instinct to get the facts right, even though this is fiction: it's a hard habit to break and actually I have a responsibility to get all this right.

I plan to swoop on through - in fact, I am not far off the end of that little section - and then go back to the stuff I know about. In the meantime, though, blogging/shopping/eating/reading magazines/loading dishwasher all seem more appealing. But tonight it's the writerly drinks that are held every couple of months in our part of London AND there's some cash in the kitty left over from the Christmas dinner, so I will be able to share woes with other scriberly types. Fab.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Via the Grumpy Old Bookman, I found British Blogs, which is a directory. And via that I found this genius site about Zone 6... Zone 6 is the absolute limit of Tube/Train transport that still, marginally, counts as London and Quin Parker has written an extremely funny 'guide.' Now if you live in Zone 6 and love it, then it might be better to skip what he's written but if you've ever found yourself stranded out in the sticks, it'll make you laugh. It also, handily, explains how to get home once the last Tube has gone. Hah! Tube! Where I am currently, out in Zone 6, there's no such thing.

The bookman also has some interesting links about building a career as a writer: his tips include writing two books a year. Oh lordy. Once I would have thought it possible but now... well, see the title of this entry.


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