Monday, February 27, 2006

Free lunch

Word count: 39,476

Things are still pretty mad - have written two features, though I am tweaking one like mad as I can't quite decide how to do it, but writing 800 words makes a change from 100,000! Once that's done I shall have a few days respite before my first batch of Open University assignments begin arriving... so I am going to try to top 40,000 and get the revisions done so I have something to send to my agent again.

I got my free lunch (see the sandwich saga below), which was jolly nice. It contained organic orange juice which tasted completely different from the usual stuff and was also paler, wonder why.

I am boring myself now, sorry. Creativity going elsewhere at the moment. Plus I've had toothache which would sap anyone's literary instincts.

Lovely Link of the Day:
In a comment the other day, Quin asked for information about non-fiction publishing. It's a very different world from fiction - and humour, which is where Quin must be aiming with his funny guide to the outer reaches ogf Greater London, is even more specific. I suspect a good starting point is a list of literary agents that handle non-fiction: try this list from Bloomsbury. Most fiction publishers will no longer accept manuscripts, but I suspect it's a little different with non-fiction proposals. It's worth having a trawl around the humour section of Waterstone's or Smiths to see books you think would be similar to yours and then either checking the acknowledgements, where the author's agent often gets a thank-you, for possible candidates, OR look up the publisher's website and see whether they will take unsolicited proposals. Hope that helps a little bit, will try to find out more when I have chance.


Anonymous quin said...

Crikey, there's millions of them.
That's really helpful -- thanks, I know how busy you must be. I'll take some time this week to trawl through and pick out a few, and dust off my copy of the Writers' Handbook too.

I suppose sending them one or two of the comments people have sent in would help, too. (The nice ones, not the ones that say "U CHAT S**T U COME DOWN 2 WEST DRAYTON IF URA REAL MAN").

E-mail address is on my site if you have any other ideas.


12:01 pm  
Anonymous Katybean said...


Just wanted to say I'm halfway through 'The Starter Marriage' and I'm loving it!!!!

I much, much prefer it to Old School Ties, and I can't wait for your new one :o)

Hope your toothache is better, try leaving a paracetemol on the sore tooth (tastes disgusting but it works LOL).

2:58 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Glad it's useful, Quin. The blog comments are worth mentioning in passing, although agents frequently ignore that kind of thing because to them, it sometimes doesn't seem that different to the 'my mum/boyfriend/dog loves it' etc. However, if you have comments from celebs or whatever it does no harm at all!

Katybean, replied to your other post but actually (and keep this one quiet) I prefer The Starter Marriage too! Though my new book, the Brownie one, is my favourite.

Kate x

11:09 am  

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