Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The boutique hotel effect

Word count: 24,665

Back from my lovely long weekend in the countryside. It was like having very rich friends with their own swanky ancestral home, complete with 'staff' - but the friends let you roam around when they're not there, so you can do exactly what you please, when you please! Fantastic... what we pleased included: watching DVDs of Not the Nine o'Clock News, eating massive sandwiches at 4pm, playing board games over freshly mixed mojitos, swimming, having treatments, reading the papers and running around our ENORMOUS room.

It really is how the other half live and NOT at all affordable on a weekly, or even monthly basis. But for a treat, it was wonderful.

I'm now back and getting stuck into my ever-growing to do list:
  • finish novel
  • learn the ins and outs of further Open University computer systems AND plan all the teaching activities
  • buy the house I've had offer accepted on (more fun paperwork)
  • draw up a business plan
  • attempt to have a bit of a life as well...

Today I made pretty good progress with the book, wrote a shade under 3,000 words, though I know it's over-long. I sent the first chunk to my agent last week and she read it at lightning-fast speed and seems to have enjoyed it lots, so that's helped with the motivation side of things. I've got a few days away from work so if I can plough on at this pace, I can catch up after falling behind a bit with all my house traumas.

Must go and write some more and then see if I can remember the IT training I did before Christmas...

Lovely Link of the Day:

I played lots of Othello on the trip and I think (hope!) this is a safe site to get some practise in!


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