Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blatant self-promotion

Word Count: 31,742

I'm quite enjoying playing at being a full-time author this week. Last night went to the pub for our writers' social evening. Richmond was very wintry-Gothic, empty streets and ultra-still water in the Thames. Warming red wine and even more warming author chat was great. Our children's books super-star-to-be was telling wonderful stories about her recent trip to the USA, another writer is making great strides forward thanks to coach Jacqui Lofthouse, and overall it was jolly positive.

Then today I managed a reasonable word count, will do a bit more later, and also updated my website. There's now a sneak preview of the first chapter of Brown Owl's Guide to Life online and if you want to know more about the theme - does growing up mean growing out of your dreams? - I've created a new page to explain what it's all about.

Dreams are essential, as far as I'm concerned. Without dreams and hopes and goals, we just trundle along and though I am the first to admit I enjoy a bit of trundling, I also know how much happiness depends on striving for the things that matter to you. Becoming a published author was one goal I was never sure I'd realise, but having done it has led to all sorts of brilliant conversations with people who've talked about their own dreams, both in writing and entirely different directions. That's why I wanted to write about a group of women who've lost touch with what they really want out of life - until life comes back to, as it were, bite them on the bum and force them to take action. Anyway, more about that on the website.

Then this afternoon I went off for tea (well, strong coffee and cake) with another writer friend and we put the publishing world to rights. It's amazing how much you learn in the first couple of years after signing your first deal, some good, some bad, some downright scandalous. But the solidarity of other authors is the best thing of all... it's a lifesaver.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Actually this is literally yesterday's news, but the consolidation of imprints continues: French company Largardere (who own my publisher Orion, plus Hodder and Headline) have dipped their toe across the pond by acquiring Time Warner. Had an email saying it won't change anything day-to-day... Hope not. The world of books is terribly genteel on the surface but deals like this make you wonder what happens behind the scenes!


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Hey, it's great that you got that chapter online, it's a great book everyone... go and buy it when it is out!

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