Friday, February 10, 2006

16K in two weeks (words not cash)

Word Count: 36,512

Not a fantastic word count, I'll admit but then again, two weeks ago I was only on 20,000 words so I'm doing OK, I think. Couldn't keep this pace up overall, though some people do. Nora Roberts who is published in the UK by my first publisher, Piatkus, is amazingly prolific (eg, her website says: In 1999, Nora penned four out of the top five romance novels; two were among the top 100 bestsellers of all books for the year. Nora was among the top five bestselling authors of the year). Maybe I can do that when I start my full-time novelling? Well, not the bestseller thing maybe...

Boyf had a nightmare last night, having his car towed away because he stayed too long in a parking place in London: he got a ticket and thought he'd go back later as he'd already got a ticket for £50. This was a normal parking bay, mind you, not half way across a pedestrian crossing. £200 to get his car back. He was pretty calm about it, whereas I would have gone bonkers, more with irritation at myself than anything else.

While he was dealing with annoying traffic fascism, I went to Pizza Express which had the same menu for about, what, 20 years, and now seems to add new choices every day, which is very confusing when you have been ordering Fiorentinas since you were a teenager and thought the place was at the cutting edge. My mate had bought me fantastic skincare items from Bliss - it's so weird, because their packaging reminds me of Boots Ultra-Budget Dry Calloused Foot Cream or something, yet the products themselves are wonderful. Plus she got this Cat Charmer thing (scroll down) for my mog which, unbelievably, had instructions... this is, basically, a bit of cloth on a bit of plastic, in a fishing rod type arrangement. Instructions?

Today then, writing, thinking, reading (just finished The Kite Runner which I was unsure about to begin with, but had me in proper choky tears about four times, so if you like to cry, go for it) and buying a nice new top from Hennes for the Orion party next week. £9.99. You could buy 20 of them - or get your car impounded. Your choice...

Lovely Link of the Day:
Another author blog, this time a 'newbie's view' from J.A. Konrath.


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