Thursday, January 19, 2006

Soul-baring to Sell Books

Word count: 18,042 (but this includes some random statistics culled from the web that I need to edit so doesn’t really count as progress)

It’s that time of year – four months till publication of Brown Owl’s Guide to Life, and I am attempting to mine my life for interesting angles for magazine and newspaper articles to help generate publicity for the book.

There are limits to this confessional splurge (I know that might surprise you, given that I spill the beans on my life on the web) – I’d never write about domestic arguments or family secrets, but I reckon most of my own insecurities and eccentricities are fair game. The trick of selling features seems to be either:

a) coming up with a catchy headline or entirely new, invented syndrome: e.g. I am a Serial Blogger OR
b) having a horrible addiction/criminal past/fling with a boy band member (or a girl band member, I suppose)

I am focussing on the former approach as I am too tired/far into my thirties to know the name of most boy bands. My addiction is to the web (hardly very interesting) and I was talking to a friend the other day and realised I have never committed any crimes (not even stealing sweets as a child) and have only ever acquired one parking ticket. James Frey I am not. But then again, I could always make it up…

Second launch party of the week tonight, and I am wearing a skirt! Which counts as glamour for me…

Lovely Link of the Day:
There’s an interesting piece about the rise in confessional journalism here… but of course, if you like your scandalous celeb gossip there’s always Popbitch and Holy Moly! Neither for readers of a sensitive disposition so please don't click there if you object to rude words.


Blogger diane s said...

i just found your blog via an article in Mslexia, and it's so interesting- you have great links too! :)

Does it make you feel anxious (or maybe inspire you?) to have your book available for pre-order when you haven't even finished it yet? Must be a bit weird... xx

4:10 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Hi Diane
Ooh, I got my copy of MsLexia today and spotted I was in there, wasn't expecting that! Glad you like the blog...

It's a mixture of both regarding the next book: very odd that Scaredycat is available for pre-order, but I suppose with 3 books under my belt now, I do know that I will get to the end of it, fingers crossed.

It's a good issue this month, I think. My sister just gave me a subscription for Christmas (I used to buy my copies in Borders).

8:29 pm  

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