Monday, January 09, 2006

Open Sesame

Word count: the same, OK?

The proofs are done, the acknowledgements are written, so it’s time to get going again on Scaredycat… tonight I will be reading one of the key, slightly experimental scenes at my critique group and that will help me work out whether I am going along the right lines…
This weekend felt really busy – saw another house I quite like, that I might put on offer on… though I am reluctant in a way as the vendors have no house to move to, and there’s a baby on the way, which is a carbon copy of the one where everything went wrong last year.
I’ve also been to the briefing session for the Open University course in creative writing that I am going to be teaching this year – fascinating session and great to meet the other tutors, but it also brought out the whole difficulty in marking people’s work… especially poetry. It’s going to be quite a challenge.
Also reverted to my six-year-old sense during a shopping trip to buy suits with the boyfriend. There is NOTHING so boring as waiting outside a changing room. I tried to people watch – there was a suit salesman who must have been 80 and was straight out of Are You Being Served? – but the novelty of that ran out within about three minutes. Still, mission accomplished, two suits purchased.
I hate shopping, except for gadgets. I now try to buy most of my clothes in supermarkets as at least then the choice doesn’t overwhelm me. That, or designer stuff bought from bossy matriarchs based in the personal shopping suites of department stores. I have jumpers in my wardrobe costing from £4 to £150. Though more of the former…

Lovely Link of the Day:
I found this link about the Snowflake method of novel writing on Karin Gillespie’s Southern Comfort blog (her blog is always a great source of writing links).


Anonymous Nonny said...

You hate shopping! I'm disturbed, this is an alien concept to me. Try doing it online, asos have the best clothes and they are delivered, no hassles, in 2 days. Trust me, I know my shopping!

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Blogger MarkFarley said...

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