Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January, bloguary

Word Count: 17,434 (revising, revising)

January just isn’t a month when much happens, and as a result I haven’t felt very inspired to blog. The house search continues: the lack of stuff on the market seems to mean that even fairly average houses are going to final bids and I am refusing to get drawn into ludicrous sale fever. I have a roof over my head and that’s all that matters for now.
This week’s looking a bit livelier – went to a groovy launch party last night (even though I was feeling very un-groovy) and caught up with some jolly nice people. Am still trying to get my head round the Open University course and systems I am teaching – so many new programs to learn. And work’s busy too, although all my colleagues who want to stay are having to face Spanish-style inquisitions to justify their existence which isn’t much fun.

Lovely link of the day:

January is the best month for curry. Especially Sag Paneer which I am currently eating every day for lunch. Yum. Here’s a good guide.


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