Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year (unoriginal but well-intentioned title)

Word Count: 17,649 (OK, 5,000 words in a week but I WAS meant to be on holiday...)


So far, so good. Boyf's mobile is missing and he is on a detox. The cat is back and seems very happy - we're practising the feline equivalent of barrier nursing to keep her dander away from his allergies. But relented last night because it was NYE and she's very cute.

We also have suntans. Yes, Christmas in the sun is an excellent plan. The bit of Tenerife where we stayed was lacking rustic charm, but the hotel was very friendly and we read a lot, sunbathed and played air hockey together (that's not a euphemism). I won the championship, 13 to 12 games: quite a nail-biter - I found my performance improved when I drank wine. Flights were grim as I am scared of flying, which I know is illogical but there you go.

Resolutions, in no particular order:
  • to be more tolerant and less dogmatic (probably the hardest!)
  • to take more holidays/weekends away
  • to find a great house
  • to see more of my family and friends
  • to write the best book I can (The Scaredycat's Handbook is Book 4, and it's very important to me)
  • to enjoy my new teaching gig with the Open University
  • to get into the best possible routines for my new freelance career
  • to carry on blogging

If anyone fancies posting theirs, I'd love to see them.

Lovely Link of the Day:

It's always good to set goals... not sure mine are specific and measurable enough but I will do some more detailed ones.

Oh and, utterly unconnected, but Miss Snark is doing her Crapometer again, analysing people's synopses. Even if you don't agree with her, it's a brilliant way to learn.


Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good break and cat is doing OK too.

Love the title for Book 4. And books of the heart are always good to write - if scary.

Happy new year!

4:37 pm  

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