Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cats with rubber fetishes

Word count: same as before (have been proof-reading Brown Owl)

Interesting factoid of the day: Last night we heard the cat crying quite a lot (see previous entries for the complex arrangements we’ve adopted to keep the allergy risk to my boyf to a minimum) and went into the bathroom to find a huge puddle on the floor.
My instant reaction was that it was some kind of delayed stress reaction from all the disruption, and my heart sank – what if she kept doing this?
Cleared up, chucked away the bath mat which was also wet, and then had a brainwave. What if it was something to do with the mat, which I bought at the weekend. Good old Google provided the answer: apparently, cats think that rubber-backed bathmats smell of their own wee, and because they always ‘go’ in the same places, when nature calls… well, you can work out the rest.
Isn’t it weird?
So am very relieved that I don't have dysfunctional moggy after all. I am now considering retraining as a cat behaviourist...
Meanwhile, back at work, and wondering if we will ever get anything commissioned. I wouldn’t put money on it. It’s frustrating to work in this kind of environment and I know everyone else is quite depressed by the way things are going, but what can you do? Fashions change in TV and alas the kind of stuff we do is about as trendy as boot-leg jeans right now. I’m just glad I have my writing to keep me (almost) sane…

Lovely Link of the Day:
If you’re interested in the UK book industry, the Guardian's list of fastsellers is a good read - no, of course I'm not on it... but I have read or bought about 15 of the titles, not one of them a Su Doku book...


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