Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scrapbooks and shopping

Work is busier that it’s been in months which means my flexible hours idea – get in around 8am and leave by 5pm – is not working at all. On average I am in at 8am (leaving the flat at 7am) and leaving at 6.30pm, getting back after 7.30pm. This might seem pretty normal to lots of you but to me it’s quite a shock to the system… hence even less blogging.

Have begun doing Christmas shopping, including Secret Santa for people in my online writing messageboard. This is quite a big deal, not least because we have to write a poem to the recipient. And as the group includes, at a rough guess, about 50 per cent of the top writers in my genre, the bar is set quite high. My defence for writing a crap poem will be having a day job, but as most of them have kids/phenomenal work rates, this is a lame excuse.

Not much else to say. The cat is a bit fed up but OK and makes a big fuss when I go to visit her. I am looking forward to my work deadline being over so that I can actually think about writing. But for now I have been mainly tearing pictures out of magazines and making scrapbooks full of ideas. Play therapy for stressed writers…

Lovely Link of the Day:
I put Secret Santa into Google and all sorts of links pop up - seems there's a mini-industry devoted to this. So instead here's a link to recipes for home-made presents: much nicer (not that I shall be making any of these for my Secret Santa this year).


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