Friday, December 16, 2005

On set, on track and sniffly

Word count: 7,490

Still feeling sniffy - even missed my works Christmas lunch today because I wasn't on form and knew that if I drove there, I'd feel even more miserable watching everyone drinking a lot and having yummy food that I wouldn't even be able to taste. So instead I wrapped presents until the Sellotape ran out - then finally got some writing done. Hurrah.

Yesterday was fun. I went on set to see a drama I've written being filmed. I would have made more of a song and dance about this before, but it's not an original idea, it's a drama-documentary about a real-life series of murders in Britain. I work in the department where it's made and offered to work on the script - and bingo! Two months later, it's being filmed. That's about as different from full-on drama as it could be, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but it all looked excellent, really high production values. Drama-docs can vary from the 'reconstruction' type where it looks a bit like a police video, through to something like a 'proper' play - and this is definitely the latter. I was fascinated by how it worked, everyone was much friendlier than I'd imagined: and location catering was rather good too. And to hear people speak 'my' words... very different from novels. Makes me want to do another one.

Tomorrow boyf wants me to go 'personal shopping' with him, ie go and choose gifts for everyone he knows. Argh. Why do men always assume that women love/are genetically brilliant at shopping? I hate it. But will probably go anyway.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Some research (funnily enough, by a credit card company) about perfect Christmas shopping environments including:

The report found that the perfect environment for shopping consists
22°C ideal shop temperature
55dB optimum music volume
Never more than 9 paces proximity to a mirror

Hmm... how about: cheap and empty?


Blogger Dr. Lisa said...

Way to go on the words (things not going so well on the nonfiction front for me, but oh well), and i hope you get well soon.

For adult gifts, I always tell my husband to buy his own damn presents, but I buy for our neices and nephews; he's incompetent on selecting gifts and for some reason (despite being very childish himself at times--an endearing trait) can't seem to figure out good gifts for small people. So, I do it.

4:12 pm  

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