Monday, December 19, 2005

Less impressive than it looks: the recycling of words

Word count: 11,919

Of course, I could claim that I have been amazingly productive, but the truth is that I have been indulging in the authorly equivalent of going down the bottle bank: recycling old words.

In this case, I am not simply taking random scenes from abandoned story to increase my word count morale BUT I am using material from the idea that has now morphed into the new idea for Book 4. This is an idea that's very close to my heart, which is one of the reasons I am finding Book 4 quite intimidating. I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, to take scenes from the bits I wrote for the previous incarnation of this, but it's one way of making progress. Basically, the 'real time' stuff written from the POV of a teenager was written a couple of years ago: the plan is that this will go into the new book as flashback scenes, but though they're still in the first person, there's more of an adult perspective on the experiences being described. I know this sounds a bit mysterious, but the process is equally befuddling at the moment!

In other news, cat has moved to her latest temporary home, which is going to be a bit more temporary than I expected, as I'd been a bit vague about my arrangements and there was a misunderstanding. Am slightly panicked by this but will calm down and at least I know she has somewhere nice to go for Christmas. But it looks like a cattery might be a better option once the New Year comes. She was so upset by the last move, so terrified by it, that I don't think I can force even more moves on her.

I hate this time of year - am wishing the days away till the 22 December because then at least I can tell myself that the days will begin, oh so gradually, to get lighter.

Back to work tomorrow, just for a day, to finish off some ideas for a series we've been putting forward. It's the departmental Christmas party tonight but I honestly am not feeling festive at all so can't face trolling into town, so instead I am going to the writing critique group which will be more low-key and fun.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Things could be worse on the darkness front. I could be in Alaska. Don't think I could do that!

The sun won't rise again in Barrow for another month after the solstice. For Leavitt and others in the largely Inupiat Eskimo town of 4,500, it marks the countdown to daylight.


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