Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grand plans disappear in avalanche of tissues

Word count: 5997 (OK, I've stalled)

This week I was going to: finish Christmas shopping AND wrapping, drive to my parents on the other side of the country, see friends, have my hair cut, solve the thorny issue of global warming and guarantee world peace.

However, a virus has thwarted most of those. Not a computer one, an old fashioned bug.

If I wasn't already off work as I am owed a couple of weeks' holiday, I would have struggled in and moaned a lot about having a cold. But as I am off anyhow, I have given myself a duvet day. This has involved reading lots of blogs (and commenting for the first time at Miss Snark - only hope she'll let my comments through, she seems to be a hard task mistress. But she's talking about a subject that's close to my heart), sticking a few more images in scrapbooks, snoozing and watching Space Cadets (a spoof space show where the spoof is one of two things - a) the 'contestants' honestly believe they're going up into orbit even though they're in a mocked up Russian space ship that is actually in Ipswich OR b) we're the gullible ones, and the 'contestants' are all actors). I was reminiscing over the days off sick I used to have as a child when there was quality TV like Crown Court, a drama that ran for three afternoons a week. It was set in a courtroom where the jury was made up of 'real members of the public' - they'd listen to the evidence and then give a verdict on the Thursday. That WAS the nearest we came to reality TV in the 70s. And according to the web they made 600 episodes!

On progress front, I have however put in an offer on the house I quite like. It won't be accepted but there might be a deal to be had. We shall see...

Love and snuffles,

Lovely Link of the Day:
Today I am dreaming of trendy wallpaper that I might put up once I buy a new house.


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