Monday, December 12, 2005

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Word Count: 5,888

Today I am
a) back to writing
b) suffering with a bit of a cold
c) wondering whether to make an offer on a house.

The cold is a real bore. Boyf got it over the weekend, lots of sneezing and a mountain of tissues: his colds are like that, they fly in and out within 24 hours, usually at weekends. I now have the same bug but it will be transformed into a slow-burner with me, starting with that 'underwater nose' feeling and culminating, in a week or so, in me losing my voice.

Unless the new miracle cure they've been plugging on TV works. It's called First Defence and is a spray that, from what I can gather in the leaflet, works by flushing your nose out. Well, it's certainly doing that: nose is dripping like a tap. Not the most pleasant of sensations but I think the theory is that it will stop the bugs and germs breeding up your nostrils, so that a few million less get into your system to attack you. Watch this space.

The writing is going OK - not great, but OK. Am stuck in a restaurant scene which I began a month or more ago, so I am looking forward to escaping from that one. Then I get into the drama of the book itself, which might be fun. I have lots of ideas at the moment but no clear idea of what's going to happen which is fun/scary depending on my mood.

And the house? Well, it's in an area I wasn't sure of, about 10 minutes' walk to the main shops, and 15 to the train station. But it's been very nicely done out inside, nothing new needs doing, and is definitely in my price range. Actually, it's very expensive for the road it's in and so that needs some careful consideration. I have seen so many places that I may not be making sense any more, though. Viewers' fatigue has set in.

Meant to be going out tonight to a Xmas do, and was rather hoping I might get a lift from boyf but no sign yet. Not sure I can face buses while in sniffly, sneezy state, if he doesn't make it.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Myths and true facts about the Common Cold - including justification for hot toddies.


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