Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Now, officially, I despair

It's not looking good.

The certificate that was 'on its way' was, in fact, not. Because basically there is no support for the chimney breast. Apparently the sellers are shocked and mortified. Well, maybe they are. Or maybe they were trying to call my bluff last week because they knew all was not as it seemed. Who knows?

I feel almost calm and wonder if I should take this as a sign from fate. Maybe property prices are about to crash and I will do better to hang on in there, rent for a bit and then buy out of London. I must say that it's certainly made me feel incredibly wary of buying anywhere. There may be negotiations to be had about putting in RSJs or other support but I deliberately looked for a house that didn't need major structural work so to have to do work to make up for other people's omissions is not exactly a tempting prospect...

Haven't got the energy for lovely link of the day. Will be up to my neck in boxes tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Kate x


Blogger MuseinMeltdown said...

I really feel for you.

The only thing you could possibly do now I suppose, is write this down as a plot/synopsis for your next best selling book, and give the sh**ts doing this to you a thank you for a plot you would never have thought up in a thousand years...

Then of course you would have to decide whether or not to give them a percentage....not !!

Best wishes and good luck.

9:33 pm  

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