Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The cat strikes back

Word count: don't want to look!

It’s soooo cold. Proper, January-style, freezing fog cold. Not much fun when scraping ice off car windscreen, but then again I am glad to have a car to scrape ice off!

The moggy is causing havoc with my boyfriend’s allergies. It’s been made worse because we were in most of the weekend, making random bits of flat pack furniture (or attempting to: B&Q sold us a package with no fixings so we had an hour’s round trip to get a new one, yawn. No wonder an agent once called my stories ‘suburban’). Though we did get out, driving round looking at prospective homes, trying to spot the railway line/pub/nuclear power station next door. It’s a standing joke now: ‘aha, a railway line, that must mean we’re near the house for sale.’

His symptoms are getting worse and despite me buying an air purifier (no effect whatsoever), allergy-fighting wet wipes for pets, a spray to reduce allergens etc AND banishing the cat to the bathroom most of the time, boyf is coughing and spluttering and generally having a bad time.
So I feel rather lost, and most of my friends either have terrible cat allergies themselves OR have cats already. My one last hope said no so I feel rather lost: maybe I might have to give the cat away after having her since she was eight weeks old. But I don’t think I can bear that.
I am trying to stay positive and optimistic but it’s hard – the last few weeks have been such a rollercoaster, and I really thought I was getting back to some kind of temporary normality, only for this to kick in.

As for writing, have managed about 100 words in the last week (though I did write six scenes for the script for a deadline of yesterday). Need to get back on track with the novel too…

Lovely link of the day:
Apparently mice could hold the answer to eliminating cat allergy.


Blogger Dr. Lisa said...

Oh Kate I sure hope you don't have to give the cat away. Surely you've gone through enough difficulty and loss recently without that! I hope you find something very soon.

10:31 pm  

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