Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All change

Friday was AWFUL. I was up packing till midnight on Thursday and then I got up at 6am. The two guys who were doing the removal were both New Zealanders and very strong, which I guess goes with the territory (of being removers, rather than being Kiwis). One of them had his iPod nicked out of the van while they were loading it – maybe I don’t really mind leaving my bit of London after all…

I watched as they loaded my life into three containers, and then, once they’d gone, I cleaned all the gunk from under the fridge and elsewhere, discovered a damp patch I’d never seen before, and finally went to load half of my essentials – including my diaries since the age of 13 – into my Ka (boyf was taking other half in his TT). It took 110 mins for the man to come from ‘First Call’ (huh! Am going back to AA next time) with jump leads and when I explained that before driving to the garage I needed to lock my door on my flat for the last time, do a final check etc and it’d take 10 mins, he said he couldn’t wait that long! Talked him round (well, refused to sign his annoying form which meant he couldn’t go) and he followed me to my garage where lovely Keith recharged the battery.

Meanwhile boyf – despite cat allergy – had to take my cat off in his car (I didn’t think she’d be very happy among the ramps and grease of the garage). Once my batteryas back on form, I sat in traffic for an hour on my way to my boyfriend's and got a phone message that the cat had gone beserk through stress, weed everywhere over new white carpets, and was in a corner, howling…

So when I finally fought my way to boyf’s place, I had to spend an hour on my knees trying to mop up said cat pee and coax soaking wet moggie to safety. Luckily my friend is South West London’s prime stains expert – she’s even written a book about it – and she advised me on the answer (biological washing powder and cold water) to feline urine problems.

Collapsed after that.

In the midst of this, the idiot vendors of the house I was buying demanded I tell them how much I wanted off the property for the major structural flaws they’d already fibbed about. I couldn’t exactly drop everything to go to a fax machine to retrieve the quote from my builder who'd only been that same afternoon, so asked them to wait till Monday (yesterday). They grudgingly said yes…

And then yesterday, we got the contracts back in the post with a letter from their solicitor saying they’d changed their mind about selling – ie, they must have instructed their lawyer on Friday to pull out. They couldn’t even tell the truth about that!

To be honest, it’s a relief. I didn’t want to be in a house needing urgent repairs and felt better about not having to agonise further. And I am now a chain-free, deposit-heavy buyer.
I do believe there’s a better house out there for me… and in the meantime, it’s time to comfort shop.


Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Kate, big hugs on what sounds like a truly horrible experience.

If it helps, I believe things like this are MEANT to be - it's saved you from a lot of grief and a much, much better place will turn up. We found that when we moved here - were gazumped on our dream (old) cottage, then bought brand new instead. Discovered subsequently old house needed £20k of remedial work for damp. Which we didn't have. So we had a lucky escape and have been happy here (except for a point a couple of weeks back where the remodelling really got to me!).

Good luck with the house-hunting!

One other thing: think about all the material you have here for a future book... ;)

6:30 pm  
Blogger Amanda Mann said...

Couldn't agree more, what's meant to be is meant to be. You're over the hill from the worst now. And HEY, I've just been lurking in Marks & Spencer saw your novel 5 starred in the Heat book chart. Well deserved and well done!

9:27 pm  
Blogger MuseinMeltdown said...

Well done...what a nightmare...

If you can survive this you can survive anything !!!

Best wishes and good luck


8:45 pm  

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