Thursday, November 10, 2005

About to enter a broadband free zone

Amazingly, boyf lives without broadband. I know. Weird.

I will try to blog but things like deciding whether to move to dodgy house/trying to find non-dodgy house/um, writing fourth book, are likely to take priority over the next week or two.

Thanks for reading and I promise normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Lovely Link of the Day:
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps... Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.

The rest of the lyrics to the superlative Always Look on the Bright Side of Life can be found here.


Anonymous Siobhan said...


I'm an avid reader of your blog and really appreciate your lovely links. So I'll miss you. Please come back soon! I'm sure there are many of us out here in cyperspace who feel the same way and were sorry when we read about your "moving mishaps". Take heart that this one probably "wasn't meant to be" and there's somewhere perfect just waiting for you to come along and find it.

Take care!


10:01 am  

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