Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Word count: same as before

The fact I haven’t posted for a few days means it’s probably no surprise to anyone reading that I haven’t made any progress with Book 4. The copy edits have intervened… it is quite a struggle to get through them as I do like to re-read very carefully, to cut out redundant parts and phrases. And then I get into big thoughts about whole sequences, convince myself it’s all awful, then find a bit I like again… round and round in circles.

It’s been a mixed week so far: good news about a possible translation deal for Starter Marriage, some promising health news for someone close to me, and summery weather that has sent everyone in West London skipping about in t-shirts (until this afternoon when it rained and rained). But on the downside, my radio script got the bum’s rush, which was disappointing as I knew it wasn’t perfect but thought it had potential. Actually, they did think it was a good idea with well-observed dialogue, strong characters etc, but it didn’t get any further. Even at this point, with a couple of novels behind me, any rejection is hurtful. And developments on the house move are VERY very slow, so I am unsure where I will be living in four weeks’ time…

Weird, though, even typing this helps me put it in proportion: I can learn from my radio play experience. The house thing will sort itself out in time. It’s brilliant that people like my writing enough that they want to translate 130,000 words of it into another language. And I have my health, touch wood. When I look at the headlines from Asia, I do feel rather self-obsessed. Get a grip, Kate.

Lovely Link of the Day:
I found this article about the Rejection Dance – applies more to journalism but it was a fun read. Though in my case, to be honest, they were probably right that the script sucked. Sometimes you just have to recognise your limitations as well as your good points!


Anonymous Keris said...

Kate, why don't you give National Novel Writing Month ( a go? 50,000 word first draft by the end of November. I did it last year and it was the best thing I ever did.

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