Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The process

Word Count: 2,616

Yay... I know it's not a huge number, but it is progress and with so many other things on my mind, I feel I am doing OK. I read out the first section at my writing group on Monday and got a good response - though knowing how delicate we all feel when we embark on things, it's hard to know a) how they could judge on 10 minutes' worth and b) how much they'd feel inclined to criticise even if they felt it was a turkey.

Which brings me onto my
Lovely Link of the Day:
Via Miss Snark, I reached this wonderful chronicle of a writers' group: it's like a Big Brother set in literary circles, and anyone who has ever attended a writing class or workshop will recognise some of the types. I should stress that the writing circle I attend now is NOTHING like this, but the diary does raise interesting questions, like what is the right balance of criticism and encouragement, and whether it's possible to give useful feedback on a genre you know nothing about. And DO read to the end of the Chronicles... it's worth it.


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