Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Word count: that's not important today

Today The Starter Marriage is published in paperback – and it all feels a little anti-climactic. Publication days are like that anyway, unless you are very famous, because the book will appear in the shops when the retailers decide to unwrap them, which could be before or after the nominal date. Or, in the case of some writers I know of, never actually appear at all because someone forgot to unpack them.

Most authors do try to make it an occasion – a launch party, perhaps part-funded by their publisher. Mine did that for me in April for the hardback publication, and very jolly it was too, I felt positively bridal.

But when it’s just a new edition – even when sales of the new edition will be far more crucial in determining my whole future as a writer – then there’s no real reason to get excited. Except I have been checking amazon (no surprise there) hoping that there might be a sudden rise in my ranking. Um. Not yet. Not helped I guess by the fact that it’s still saying ‘not yet published.’
And I will be taking the boyf out this evening for a yummy meal at the kind of posh French restaurant I usually avoid (because French restaurants and vegetarianism tend not to be a match made in heaven). And I will have a glass of champagne, to wish my paperback the best of luck on its journey into the unknown.

Then it’s back to the copy edits…
PS: It is being sold at a bargain price of £3.99 (or less in some shops) – ie less than a pack of four alcopops.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Via grumpyoldbookman, I reached Sex and Cash Theory makes me nervous, given that my plan is to ditch the day job. The site also has the most brilliant cartoons and observations.


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