Saturday, October 29, 2005

Moving stories

Word count: dunno, don't care

I am surrounded by boxes. And more boxes. And items I don't have a box big enough for (when you live in a flat, there's no handy loft for chucking all those enormous cartons you get the TV, video etc in). My boyfriend brought me about two dozen of those document type boxes, as he's very disparaging about the ones I ordered over the internet... but I've filled those and still have still.

Things remaining (hmmm, this reads like a list for burglars but to be honest I think they will realise it's not worth the effort):
CD player
Portable CD player
Fridge Freezer
Bed, wardrobe, table, sofa, exercise bike, blanket box etc
Two chairs you can sit on without collapsing
Two chairs that collapse if you put a magazine on them
Lots of clothes that don't quite fit but I can't decide whether to chuck or not
About eight vital files of stuff that I need in case the sale falls through and I have to move into rented accommodation
Likewise enough plates and pans for the next fortnight
Three Brownie annuals, six Brownie handbooks, one Brownie manuscript

Actually, this last bit is intriguing. Do you keep your printed out manuscripts? It feels a shame to chuck 'em but each one is a ream of paper and say, by some fluke, people want to publish me till at least normal retirement age, at the rate of a book a year, we're talking AT LEAST 20-25 reams of paper. And that's only keeping one draft.

I have recycled most of them except the current one. I can't see the British Library appealing for my every scrap and note after my death for its Chick Lit Archive...

Meanwhile, am paranoid after saturation press coverage about identity theft and wondering whether to have a bonfire party next weekend and burn everything as apparently even shredders are dodgy.

Yesterday was a Task Fest: cat to vet, me to dentist, disposing of two defunct laptops to a charity, removals quote (around£770 incl VAT literally to carry stuff to a van and then remove at other end, as I will have done all the packing. Plus I have to pay £110 to the gits at Hammersmith Council just for reserving space outside my house on move day. Outrageous amount...

So there's not much mental space for writing. Though next week I am going to work on the TV script. But this weekend it's back to the packing.

Lovely link of the day:
Help I am Moving is a reassuring site that I keep going back to... though I think there should be a section on which hair dye to use when your hair goes grey.


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