Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long time, no post

Word count (book 4): 0

I'm sorry - I've been busy and preoccupied and the blog has suffered... so what have I been doing?
  • working on the TV script (waiting now for a verdict, fingers crossed)
  • looking for somewhere to live
  • fretting about my cat's itchy skin condition (has she been hanging out with foxes and got mange?)
  • thinking deep thoughts about the new book (!) and drawing lots of plotting diagrams
  • investigating taking redundancy
  • arguing with Powergen about my gas bill
  • doing my accounts

God, doing my accounts is SOOO dull (though not quite as dull as the gas bill thing). It's the downside of getting non PAYE income - very confusing and involving maths, never my strong point.

My flat sale still hasn't exchanged, which is frustrating: I almost wonder whether I ought to start investigating other agents to put it on with unless we get moving soon.

But on the upside, the paperback of Starter Marriage is out in about 6 weeks - am keeping EVERYTHING crossed that the biggest supermarkets are going to order some, as that could truly make or break the novel. Do keep yours crossed for me, too. I am sure it could work if we all cross our fingers together (a bit like the lovely bit in Peter Pan where he asks the audience, 'do you believe in fairies?')

Lovely Link of the Day:

From Kate Hardy's brilliant blog, this article from author Jean Brashear's website is all about authors who've broken the rules. I was talking about this last night while having a curry with a mate, how I broke the rules at the end of my first book, so I was intrigued to read about other writers who've taken risks too...


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