Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Exchange! A word known throughout Britain (not sure about elsewhere) for representing so much more anguish and complexity than the dictionary definition - give in return for something received; trade - would have you believe.

Yep, tonight I will be celebrating the fact that in seven weeks, I will be homeless. But with a nice sum of money in my bank account. I will have exchanged my rather nice flat and garden for an electronic transfer of dosh. Slightly more awkward is the fact that I don't have anywhere yet to put myself, my cat, furniture and ENDLESS bits of paper that might one day inspire a novel or story... but heck, seven weeks is a long time.

It's been a typically irritating process in the last day or two - queries unanswered by the annoying freeholder (one of the reasons I am looking forward to buying a house) and attempts to get trivial amounts of money out of me at the last minute by the silly buyer, who doesn't seem to realise that what he might gain (£88) will now be lost many times over in goodwill, ie things I might have left (paint for touching up, spare tiles, useful local info, bath mat etc) I will now be more likely to take with me... Well, actually, I'm not that petty, but house-buying and selling brings out the worst in all of us...

I am already looking at my place with new wistfulness - the magnificent lime trees that deposit hideous sap all over my car; the free sunshine that lights my garden until dusk; the new flooring I chose. BUT I've outgrown the place, and want to move burb-wards... it's an age thing.

Half way there, anyhow - off to see another house tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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