Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Autumn's here

Word count, Book 4: 0 (yeah, I know)

It's warm during the day but gets cold at night - last night, was sitting outside a pub by the river at Hammersmith and it got seriously chilly. I love the smell of autumn, though.

Finding low-carb diet very tough at the moment, though. I crave lovely warming baked potatoes, and puds, when it's getting dark in the evening. Must try harder to find some alternatives to my salads...

I am still tweaking Brown Owl - and it's gone to an opera-singing friend of mine who will double check the musical bits. I do think it's an uplifting story, and the feedback from her and from the handful of others who've read it is good.

Am still house-hunting, which has gone way past tedium now. I have such high expectations before I see somewhere, then turn up and see the railway line through the front room, or the dual carriageway in the back garden. ARRRGH. Maybe me and cat should go and live in a tent (a Cath Kidston one, naturally).

But actually, despite niggles, life's good, you know. I look at the news every day from Iraq (more horrible bombings today, and 17 people dragged from their beds and shot); the horrors of Katrina; and even the poor shop assistant at Harvey Nichols who seems to have been shot by her stalker ex last night... plus friends who are having a tough time of it, and I think, you HAVE to make the most of the time you have.

It's strange - I never used to be all Pollyanna about things, I am naturally a bit of a glass half-empty gal, like half the population. But maybe it's getting older that's made me glad. I do think life's better if you wear rose-tinted specs some of the time at least.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Agent 007 has been posting some of her usual highly insightful stuff: this post about the role of the agent in fighting an author's corner was especially fascinating and reflects the experience of MANY writers I know!


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