Sunday, August 21, 2005

The return

I'm back - anyone missed me? (asked the author in a rather needy way)

A whole 10 days without the web at home... and I have survived. Actually, it's been rather nice without a laptop permanently in front of me. I've read Towelhead and The Art of Falling and The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets: what is it with these titles with Art in them? Towelhead was my favourite: an unusual coming of age tale, with lots of unsatisfactory sex and plenty to say about racism and prejudice. The Art of Falling had a great story at its heart and I am sure will be enjoyed by lots of readers, though it wasn't really my cup of tea, and The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets was sweetly evocative and enjoyable, like a nice Mr Kipling French Fancy.

I've found more junk to take to the charity shop. I've researched a new computer on the web (in my lunch-hour) and had it delivered by I've even managed to get horrible Wanadoo wireless box to connect to my new Centrino Vaio laptop (which I like a lot so far - so light, and doesn't sound like a tractor as my old HP one did). The fact this set me back 800 smackers is something I am trying not to think about...

Also helped boyf move house to swanky new riverside apartment (he is going through a Hugh Grant in About A Boy phase and wanted to live somewhere with a balcony overlooking the Thames). He's renting, to give him time to think of where he wants to live. Meanwhile, my place is all but sold - though who knows what might happen between now and exchange of contracts - but I have not found a place I like yet...

People keep asking R and I if we're going to move in together, but although it seems a logical step, I am not quite sure... we may do for a short while, rather than me end up homeless, but I like my own space. My ideal would be a huge house where I could have a floor, he could have a floor, and we'd share a floor... but in London, that's a daft idea. When I told someone this at a party the other week they clearly thought I was mad, but I think I am an independent (ie bloody awkward) kinda girl and that's just the way I am.

On the work front, the whole BBC redundancy thing is kicking in and we're all waiting to see how soon people - probably including me, I suspect - will move. Scary and it seems to have crept up on us. But I am sure it'll be fine when it happens...

As for writing. Ah, I knew there was something I'd forgotten!

Lovely Link of the Day:
I also read The Paradise Room during my laptopless period, a gorgeous luxurious holiday book, and the author Belinda Jones has set up a suitably sun-drenched website to indulge in.


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Blogger Edith said...

Glad you're back!

12:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm - Kate lap / topless ....


10:05 pm  

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