Sunday, August 07, 2005


Word Count: 136,013

Tonight, I am watching the BBC's Hiroshima drama (very powerful indeed), finishing off my latest draft of Brown Owl (I hope it's the FINAL draft), and sending lots of work/social emails. I often wonder whether multi-tasking means I achieve less, but I have such a short attention span that it's the only way I keep going...

As usual, the blog has taken second place. To what else?

- Having my organic veg box delivered and trying to work out what to make with mushrooms, aubergine, onions, peppers and little gem lettuce. Not sure the veg box thing IS for me as I ended up tonight eating way too much, just so I didn't have to put lots of rotting produce on the compost heap. And given that the reason I signed up was because I watched a documentary, Supermarket Secrets, which explained how much is thrown away by supermarkets desperate for the unblemished apple and the eye-less potato, I don't feel very good about throwing stuff away myself...

- Having a row with the water board contractors who want to close our entire road (one of the biggest in my area) for 26 days, rather than do it in stages. It's going to be a NIGHTMARE as about 250 cars park in the road every night and I don't know where everyone's going to go. I can't really afford 26 parking tickets, but no-one seems to have thought of this... I am Victor Meldrew. I don't BELIEVE it!

- Social stuff of various sorts, including a horrible tapas session in Putney, a wonderful bhel poori and an OK curry in Marylebone, and a much tastier curry in Twickenham.

- Neglecting my friends.

- Finishing off my first radio play, for a competition.

- Fleshing out the characters for my new book idea.

According to a columnist on Romancing the Blog, it's a mistake to focus just on writing matters if you're an author, as the only people to read your blog will be authors and would-be authors... I'm intrigued by who reads my blog, or in fact, any blogs. It is a weird business, especially when I look at how mundane most of what I write is. But I love reading other people's blogs, and relish the little details, so I suppose it's horses for courses.

Oh and my biggest news - how could I forget - is that The Starter Marriage has been reviewed in the New York Times Review of Books (you have to register to see it). I was VERY nervous about reading it, as a book like mine would never be reviewed in a serious British newspaper... the piece gives a good flavour of the book, though some of the quotes are a little unrepresentative and the critic preferred The Starter Wife, which was reviewed alongside my book. But my rating's gone right up, so hopefully it's done no harm. And there's an excerpt online so hopefully readers will judge for themselves whether what the critic sees as rather downbeat realism, will appeal to them.

Lovely link of the day:

American author Jennifer Crusie has a great take on the controversy around the Awards Ceremony for the Romance Writers of America... it's a new blog and I am sure it will soon earn a place on your favourites list (apologies if you looked earlier and couldn't see the link, have fixed it now!).


Anonymous loopy1 said...

Who reads your blog? Well, I'm a would-be writer. When I get around to it I'll finish off my novel, and start the next one.
I just love writing, although I don't do as much as I should. I love hearing about the writing life, and love hearing about other people's lives generally. We're having our road closed for a water main at the moment, it's great fun.

12:51 pm  
Blogger Edith said...

Hi there

I read your blog because I'm a writer but I wouldn't keep reading it if was not interesting. Been here a while now!

I can identify with bad food experiences in Putney.


5:03 pm  

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