Monday, July 04, 2005

Tired out

Word count: still nothing...

Really busy weekend and I'm still recovering. Early night tonight.

On Saturday I went up to Birmingham for the Unconvention. LOTS of lovely bookcrossers there, and a great venue, but sadly it wasn't all that suitable for giving a talk. I had to give up halfway through because I couldn't make myself heard over the Live Aid big screen speakers. Well, fair enough, I guess I can't compete with U2 but it was a bit annoying as I'd put quite a lot of work into writing the speech. Still, everyone I met was really cool, especially Barbara, who was the person who originally invited me. And then I spoke to a smaller group of people specifically about writing and agents and publishing - I find it fascinating to hear what people really want to know: do you write from the heart or to a specific genre? How much plotting do you do?

It was great being back in Brum as well... I have good memories of the place. Then met friends to watch Live8 which we all enjoyed: I LOVE Robbie Williams; thought Madge was a bit annoying with her 'oh I'm going to swear, aren't I daring?' act; and thought Pink Floyd were a right miserable looking bunch and though I am sure I am just too uncultured to appreciate their music, I found their set rather dull. And will George Michael wear shades for the rest of his life now?

On Sunday, drove back, did some work and then went into Wimbledon to meet some old contemporaries from journalism training, the Highbury College Class of 1988. I'd been a bit unsure about going, as it's weird to see people you haven't met in a decade or more, but it was a really fun night: repeating all the stories that would bore anyone else but were hysterically funny after a Chinese and red wine. Quite a late one, and I am sure I was being quite one-track thanks to the wine, but I hope it's not ten years before we do it again.

Lovely Link of the Day:
If you're an aspiring writer who thinks all your dreams will come true when you find an agent, read this account of Lauren Baratz-Logsted's FIVE different agents. The girl has perseverence I'll say that for her! And it's a very funny read.


Blogger Tabbycat said...

Hi Kate
I found your site via another blog - I enjoyed reading about your writing life. Sorry about your speech!
I am also an expert procrastinator!
Come and say hello on my blog if you like, burt it's not very exciting.

9:34 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Hi Tabbycat
I shall pop over to you now. Nothing like procrastinating by viewing blogs, eh?
Kate xx

11:08 am  

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