Saturday, July 09, 2005

Times like these

I haven't felt much like blogging for the last few days. I do believe we shouldn't let these people win, should carry on as normal, but then again I've been struggling to see the benefit of my largely inane ramblings on life in London. I'll feel differently soon, I'm sure, but for now my main feelings are tremendous admiration for the emergency services, especially those involved in the grim recovery operation under Russell Square; and disgust for people who think this is a legitimate way of trying to change the world...

I believe everyone I know is safe: but that's little consolation when I think about the people who died and were maimed.

I've been reading Londonist this week: it also links to many great bloggers, including this directory of London bloggers, arranged depending on the tube lines that the bloggers are closest to. I have browsed around a bit, in that way you do when you're trying to understand or make sense of events. includes a first hand account; while Going Underground with its 'rolling news' account as the info came through, just hours after the amazing news about the Olympics coming here in 2012.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, a man I normally have little time for, has summed it up eloquently and passionately. I do feel proud of London. But I will admit I am fearful, too.



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