Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Life and times

Everyone I know is trying to live life 'normally' and yet we all feel very unsettled. WHY did those men, born and raised here, feel the need to do this? And there must be more...

Life must go on. The cover of Time Out today - very stark, with the words 'our city' - made me feel quite choked. But it does go on. My house survey, carried out as the bombs were going off, was OK. I have been at work, thinking of light-hearted factual ideas. Met friends. Ate out. And yet...

It's actually made me a lot clearer about the book I want to write next time. I want to write about fear, and getting on with your life. I know that might seem a daftly weighty subject for a 'mere chick lit writer' to address but it's a subject close to my heart and I am excited about it. I hope my editor will be too.

At the weekend, I went to the Romantic Novelists' Association conference and gave a workshop all about creativity techniques. It was really invigorating and I had such a warm reception. I'd love to do more work like that...

Meanwhile, busy filling out forms about selling the flat, and searching for my perfect new property. Yep, life goes on.

Except tomorrow at 12 noon when we will all stop. Only a week ago? It feels like a lifetime.
Take care,
Kate x


Blogger Kate Allan said...

Know how you feel.

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