Thursday, July 21, 2005

Exposing myself...

In the interests of normality, am back to blogging about other things, though I am also finding myself reading as much as I can about the terror attacks, which is a bad habit to get into. None of us has any control over it, after all...

The heat is on, writing wise... more revisions to book 3 are needed. This book has had a difficult birth, I think because I have tried to be very ambitious with it. But the more I tinker, the more I worry about whether it's getting better, or worse... Anyway, once that's done, it's new idea time. I am still doing a lot of mulling over the idea, though I know I will make it simpler this time, focusing much more on one person's story. Well, that's the plan anyhow.

I've ended up all over the web this week, in a small way. So there's an interview I did with Mike Atherton of Great Writing, in which I talk about the chick lit label, about avoiding city girl stereotypes, and about my 'split personality.'

Fellow Romantic Novelists' Association member and author Anne Weale read the interview and has kindly commented on it on her blog today: Anne has been writing novels for decades alongside journalism, specialising in the booktrade. Her blog is always provocative as she's not afraid to say what she thinks!

And I also had an email from Romance Reviews Today, to tell me they'd reviewed The Starter Marriage. I clicked on the link with some trepidation - you never know what people are going to make of your books - but was really pleased with what they said: "Be warned, this is not a humorous or even light-hearted vision of getting past a divorce. The doubts and disappointments that Tess goes through are all too real, and often heartrending to read. A moving tale, THE STARTER MARRIAGE will have readers cheering for Tess as she slowly rebuilds her life." I hope that some of it IS funny in places, but I thought it was a very fair and favourable review. So thank you, Jennifer Bishop!

In other news this week, I went to the truly amazing new Roald Dahl museum and Story Centre in Buckinghamshire: what a wonderful place! The exhibits are brilliantly laid out and the interactive creativity tasks for kids are inspiring - I hadn't realised how versatile Roald Dahl was, writing screenplays, taking outstanding photographs, presenting TV shows and even inventing a non-stick valve to be used by children with water on the brain (inspired by his own son's health problems). A genius, I'd say. The best part for me was an amazing recreation of his 'writing shed' complete with worn old chair and artefacts gathered all over the world.

I also bought new underwear online, received about 80 copies (more probably) of the American edition of my book, which looks terrific, and went to a great, late-night barbecue where we sat under the huge umbrella while the rain pounded down. I love rain when I don't have to walk in it!

Oh, and I'm worried I might be losing my hair... perhaps I am just moulting because it's summer.

Lovely link of the day:
As I had such a lovely time ordering underwear this week, take a look at - I promise I get no cash for recommending them, but it's very good if, like me, you're a strange size. That's all I'm saying. There are limits to how far I will expose myself online...


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