Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sunny side of the street

Word Count: 132,743

I've noticed that, in typically British fashion, the weather is frequently a topic on my blog. And in London it's been GORGEOUS. Sunny, balmy, Mediterranean. Just great. But in Yorkshire, there've been flash floods due to the gulf stream or something. Very weird...

Friday was lots and lots of writing. Had a barbie on Saturday - well, my boyf did, as it's his birthday. On Sunday I did go shopping for new clothes but couldn't find anything I really liked. I ended up with one pair of jeans. And of course, it's too hot to wear them! But they do look good and it's a motivator to keep on the healthy eating plan (um, well apart from the Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut ice cream I had yesterday. Oh and the white wine.).

As well as trying to finish Brown Owl - this is the book that just keeps going - I am working on the radio play, which is going quite well. It's a real change to try to convey EVERYTHING through dialogue. I tried a TV script once before and found I was desperate to put in novel-length stage directions, but that was before I wrote a novel - now I am really enjoying the spareness of a script. And I got the members of my writing group to read it out the other day which was so useful.

Might be going to Wimbledon at the weekend, and as a first-timer, that could be very exciting!

Lovely Link of the Day:
Friend and author Jacqui Lofthouse has launched her website, which details her novels and her life/creativity coaching. Her article about how we value our creative works is also required reading for any writer who has ever suffered rejection, ie ALL of us.


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