Sunday, June 05, 2005

On show

Word count: 132,262

Saturday was a day of flat viewings. I could have gone for a walk (six times) but instead I sat in my living room like a live exhibit, trying to make Brown Owl better, while answering random questions about management charges, security bars and sun direction. I don't really know if any of the 'applicants' as estate agents call them, liked the flat, but it gave me a good excuse not to move very far in my work. So far, the book's getting longer, which is not the idea: I ought to be cutting out flabby writing, rather than putting new stuff in. Oh well... it still feels like the home straight.

Today we went to a birthday party for a friend of boyf's, which was good fun, except I was driving so watched everyone else getting drunk while I drank mineral water. Nice do, though I had to eat carbs (yet, was FORCE FED cream and strawberry birthday cake) so my waistline will be huge tomorrow.

And tonight, more reworking and not much else. I am behind on emails and all sorts, so will try to catch up soon. Can't even find a lovely link. Back soon, I promise. But I have to prepare myself mentally for heading back to the Beeb as well... wish me luck!


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