Thursday, June 16, 2005

Centrefold... sort of.

Word count: 132,059

Today I was nearly a centrefold in the Daily Express. Actually, it was the two pages just after the centre pages: those were occupied by three women in swimsuits. NOTHING would entice me to appear in my swimsuit in a national paper, but the pic of me is still slightly embarrassing, as I am lying on my bed in a Uma Thurman style pose looking smiley but bonkers. It's to do with my Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted series of exercises for getting over your ex. I don't think I will ever be happy with a photo of me so I am just hoping it doesn't actually put people off buying my book! But I do look quite slim as well as mad...

The success of the Low Fat Veggie diet I've been following (courtesy of Rose Elliot) means I have to go clothes shopping this weekend - my trousers and skirts are all flying low, because my waist has reappeared. I've actually been avoiding buying new clothes because it feels like tempting fate - what if I put it all back on again? But I am beginning to look indecent so it's time to get that credit card out.

This afternoon I had coffee with a woman at the BBC who wants to be an author or magazine journalist... I'm a bit worried I was rather manic - I got very vocal about what she could do or should do. So B, if I was OTT, I apologise, there is such a thing as too passionate.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Take a look at Great Writing, a high-quality new writers' site, and a phoenix from the ashes of the BBC Get Writing site. Definitely worth looking at.


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