Friday, May 06, 2005

Sunshine and no showers

Word Count: 0 (well, am currently not working on anything, am I?)

Busy few days - when are they not, eh? Election day yesterday, I really didn't know who I wanted to vote for till I went into the polling booth and even once I did, it was a 'least worst option' choice...

Have been updating my website, writing an article at work about beach huts, plus one at home based on my Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted for the Express, clearing the garden, coping with my ludicrously clingy cat (down, Ozzie! There's not room for you AND my laptop on top of my lap), and FINALLY managing to get my laptop to go wireless again with Wanadoo's ludicrous Broadband system. This has taken 12 hours on phone to a helpline, three separate attempts chasing up a tiny bit of equipment that each time they swore had been sent, only to admit it hadn't. It's now working pretty well but I will NEVER touch Wanadoo again once I am free of my contract.

Enough whinging. Had some possible cover art for the paperback of The Starter Marriage sent through today - two different designs, both very appealing. I'd been very unsure about their previous ideas which involved dead flowers, so it's a relief to see them! And I also had an email from my editor who has been looking at some of Brown Owl and she said she's enjoying it... I know there is definitely work to be done there, but it's good that she hasn't emailed saying 'hmmm are you sure you sent me the right version?' or anything.

Weekend plans involve more DIY, some socialising, some research on a feature I want to do and some reading! Hurrah!

Lovely Link of the Day:
The other day I did a video interview for Meet the Author, which is a website system showing short clips of writers talking about their books. Mine is also meant to be going into a new system for Sainsbury's stores where you can watch clips in the aisles... interesting concept. Luckily my interview isn't up yet but you can see all sorts of famous types, from Marian Keyes to Alexander McCall Smith on there - perfect if you want to see the face behind the book!


Blogger Keris said...

Hi Kate

Came here via the Yahoo chick lit group. (As I was trawling through the 140 digests I'd let build up - gah.)

I'm also in the UK (Manchester). I'm unpublished (as yet) and I haven't read either of your books, but I'm definitely going to now. Your site is wonderful.

Love the idea of creativity coaching too.

Best wishes and good luck with the new book.


9:59 am  

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