Thursday, May 19, 2005

Me and the cat on best behaviour

Word count: Oh I don't know, same as before

What a busy week. At the weekend, with the help of boyf's friend, we rebuilt part of the garden wall, did lots of painting, more gardening and all sorts of niggly odd jobs. Then yesterday I had some cleaners in. This is a first for me, but blimey, it could be addictive. I really felt for them, having to attack my acculumated grime, but they've done a tremendous job. My oven is transformed (though the foam they used was like something from an industrial accident).

Now me and the cat are on our best behaviour while people are viewing the flat... tough for me, as I am quite untidy. But it's lovely coming home to an immaculate place. Having said that, I have waited 90 mins tonight for a viewer who never showed. Wish they'd be on best behaviour too.

In other news, I've had a look at the possible cover for Book 3, Brown Owl's Guide to Life, and I LOVE it. It's very clever indeed. My only slight worry is it's VERY girly, and like everything I write, the new book is quite dry and sharp in places. But I think half the battle with a book is to make something people want to pick up in shops.

Now all I have to do is finish the edits. I had a great chat with my editor about where the story is going and have lots of new ideas. Just hope the ideas seem as logical when I sit down to write them!

Oh, and I'm waiting for my plants still... will my flat sell without them?

Lovely link of the day:
Via Karin Gillespie's brilliant hype hag blog, I clicked on the I'm not really a waitress blog. Interesting and funny.


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