Thursday, May 12, 2005

In glorious Technicolor

Word count: still O but soon I'll be doing rewrites

Another week gone by and I am in spring-cleaning, redecorating mode. I'm looking at maybe moving house so have gone into tidying mode. All the niggly things that you don't notice when you're used to a home, but see very clearly through a buyer's eyes... tiny jobs, really, but they all stack up. So this weekend will be a frenzy of DIYing.

Am also going to sort out the garden properly, though I need some stuff delivered and have no idea when it will get there. I have high hopes for Crocus, which has a gorgeous selection of plants and products, but let's see... they're meant to deliver lots of plum slate chippings and also some 'carpet stones.' Am a bit suspicious of mail order, so fingers crossed.

My Meet the Author interview went up online this week and I barely look hungover at all! What do you think? There's one for my first novel, Old School Ties as well - it's a bit more off the cuff as I wasn't expecting to do it, so less word perfect! I also had a great review on a whole group of linked newspaper sites, one on the Good Book Guide, and even a positive one from Kirkus Reviews, the notoriously picky American publication. I'm realistic about publication in the USA: I really am the smallest minnow in that enormous and enormously talented pond, but it would be lovely if I can sell a few copies.

I'm also putting the final touches to my newsletter which will feature news, reviews and other information... sign up for it here.

Lovely link of the day:

Keris left a little message for me and I had a look at her blog: it's excellent, and multi-faceted. Puts me and my 'twice weekly if lucky' blog to shame. Must try harder!

Bye for now
Kate xx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is your house? Do you live right in London? I am a total Anglophile and will look for your book when it hits the States.


2:45 pm  
Anonymous Keris Stainton said...

Ah, thanks for linking to me, Kate.

Bought The Starter Marriage last week - really looking forward to reading it.

Oh, also got the first issue of the Between the Lines newsletter. It was excellent. Thanks for setting it up. As soon as I get my ducks lined up (whatever that means) I'll link to it on my site.

1:53 pm  

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