Monday, May 02, 2005

I name this ship…

Word Count: 131,492

The Good Ship Starter Marriage is now well and truly launched. I had the most wonderful party on Thursday night and it’s taken me until now to come down to earth. Naughty, I know, not to blog before then, but I have also been:

  • Trying to correct all the things that are wrong with Brown Owl;
  • Digging up the garden (correction, watching boyfriend dig up garden and supplying tea and sweeping up a lot);
  • Spending time with my sister – looking after her world trip photographs, and listening to some Aussie and New Zealand singers she discovered out there;
  • Going to my friend Adele’s for a yummy dinner;
  • Wondering why Homebase is such an awful experience: no trolleys, no staff on the shopfloor, no logic to the layout and a checkout nightmare;
  • Recovering from my first ever awful review – can’t even bring myself to say more about it, but it’s a lousy feeling when you’ve written the best book you can, that lots of people really like, then someone is really horrible about it. That’s life, I guess, but it’s horrid the first time. I’ve had about a dozen nice ones for the book, and one bad one. So how come it’s that one I remember?
  • Writing a feature.

Going back to Thursday, my party was brill – I hope to post some digital photos up on my website soon. I had all these wonderful people around me and my editor gave a lovely speech, and they gave me beautiful flowers and a fab Starter Marriage poster in a frame. They even spread little wedding confetti all over the tables. A girl could get used to this…
Slight irritation that a few friends were turned away by the bar, which is a shame as I liked it otherwise. So many thank yous, but especially to Geri for my ‘signing pen’ and especially to Emma for organising it all.
Back to earth with a bump this week. MoT on my car, more weeding in an attempt to spring clean my flat, and work. Next thing to look forward to is booking a holiday!
Have a great week

Kate x


Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

All the authors I know say the same thing - the good reviews make you feel great, but it's the bad one (note: singular) that you remember! Don't take it to heart (says she - who's still sulking about a less than glowing one from months ago...) :)

1:59 pm  

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